Chapter - 7 Multimedia

7.1 Introduction to Multimedia
Multimedia is a tool used for processing and presentation of information in a more structured and understandable manner using more than one media (i.e. text, image, audio, video).These mediums are digitally controlled by a computer.
7.2 Components of Multimedia
The components of multimedia are discussed below.
a)      Text: This includes both unformatted text, comprising strings of characters.
b)      Images and graphics: This includes computer generated images, circles and pictures.
c)      Audio: This includes both low-fidelity speech as in telephone and high-fidelity speech as in CD.
d)     Video: This includes both short and complete moving images/films.
e)      Animation: Animation is a simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures or frames. Cartoons on TV are example of animation.

7.3 Application of Multimedia Its applications are:
i.            Entertainment: The entertainment industry has used this technology, the most to create real life games. Several developers have used graphics, sound and animation to create variety of games.
ii.            Education: Multimedia has been used in the field of education. Many computers games with focus on education are now available. Microsoft has produced many such CD – based such as Sierra, knowledge adventure etc.
iii.            Software: Even some software company gives training using multimedia features. So, without the guidance of the trainer software can operate software.
iv.            Multimedia in web page: Only text cannot make a web page attractive so multimedia features in web page makes it look attractive and more users visit the page.
v.            Multimedia in business: Even person involved in marketing can use multimedia for convincing customers about their products and services.
Homework Questions [Unit-7]
1.      Describe any five applications of multimedia. (2072-C)
2.      What is multimedia? What are the components of multimedia? List out. (2069, 70 ‘C’,73-C)
3.      List out the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia. (2070 ‘D’)
4.      What is multimedia? Explain the application areas of multimedia. (2063)
What is computer animation? How is it used in film industry? (2064)
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